The digital world is frought with complexities. Art needs to be adaptable to any medium it occupies, print, web, or video. You may prefer to stick with a single type of art, be it Rasterized - made of dots, Vector - made of shapes based on math, or Polygonal - made of polygons in a 3D space. The truth of the matter is, you need to be ready to fill many mediums. Let me create and build your brand. Unique, presented the way you want to be recognized, and formatted in all ways that will prepare you for Print, Web and Video, even after our collaboration. Ready to present your brand to the world, now and in the future.

Any sort of graphic design, in whichever formats you need or all the formats to be certain. The right kind of art for each medium you are rendering and/or tendering.

I am an Adobe Master who never stops learning, and big on making a single piece of work go a long, long way. The latest tech and techniques are what I bring to the table. "I'm your hands," is what it comes down to.

I'm friendly, I love people, I am reasonably priced, but more importantly, I love this work. I would love to work for you.

I'm all over social media and those links are at the top and bottom of this website. The YouTube portal to the right contains my Portfolio Playlist. Check it all out. Contact me, and let's do something awesome!

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Scott Millard - Digital Designer

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