I have been a Pre-Press technician for a long time. I have prepared many document types for printing to many different types of printing apparatus. Webs, sheetfed, and digital. Each document has presented it's share of difficulties in making them ready to be printed. So many "Graphic Designers" think "How hard can it be?" It is the things they DO NOT know that are the problem, and could be a problem for you.

Color Density, 4 color text, overprinting versus knocking out, bleed, creep. The collective thought these days about printing is, "What's the big deal." The big deal is that most presses have hundreds of thousands of parts, all working together to make sure that what comes off, is in register, the proper color, and looks EXACTLY the way the author/customer intended. The customer's sales, reputation, and their whole company might be at stake. Each press has rules of thumb, that if the graphic designer follows, it's going to be a good day.

The difference between me and a "fresh face" straight out of the Art Institute, is experience. When I construct your document, your printer is not going to want to charge you extra to fix what's wrong with your document. I will ask for your printer's specs in advance and work to conform your document to those specs. I will make certain your images are the correct mode and density. I will build your document, paying the same respect to details that could cost extra money and delays. Then, provide you with a PRINT READY document, that arrives at the printer ready for press.

It's what I do, and I love doing it.

I have a massive technical background, years of experience, creative talent, and I'm really friendly. I also have knowledge, experience, software, commitment and no excuses for any of those. So bring me your logos, corporate ID, brochures, menus, and magazines,... and let's get started already!

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