The coolest part of graphic design can be when you have to make it move. Whether I'm integrating footage with effects. Animating or piecing together a charming slide show of a special occasion, or what have you, when what you get to move, totally grooves, it can make me euphoric. I love it even more when the customer is feeling it too.

I will admit to being less experienced at the video editing than my other focuses, but that just makes me more reasonable to work with. I'm certain that regardless of the project that your are going to be absolutely happy with the end result. Or it will be FREE.

I specialize in presenting the video inside a website, where your family and or friends can view it on the web. I can do offline to, on a CD, DVD or flash/hard drive for your computer in a web browser. Authoring a DVD or Bluray for your DVD, Bluray player or Playstation can be done as well.

The web is the most accessible option though. I can create a fully functioning, responsive website, that can be hosted on your domain or in a subdomain on Polariswebworks.net. It would be viewable on most computers and mobile devices by anyone with the URL.

Pretty awesome you say? Call me and let's talk about it!

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