I just love building pages and content that will engage visitors with sights, sounds and motion. All the bells and whistles that come with a fun web experience. HTML and CSS fashioned into an interactive experience fit for presenting you, your talent and/or your business in a fixed or responsive web presence. Like this website. Plus my graphics background makes the creation of suitable web and video graphics a breeze.

I can put together 5 fixed sized pages of HTML5 with custom CSS, plus a video coming soon page to occupy your domain until your website is ready for pubplishing. Starting at just $300*. Or 5 pages of responsive design for $400*.

Then, I will get the site looking and working just the way you want it to, making certain it is working properly in all major browsers and targeted platforms. I will even set it up, live in a sub-domain of this web site, so that you can see it, play with it and show it off at your leisure for a limited time.

Then finally, I will upload it to your own personal web domain, either one you have already, or one I would be happy to set up with the provider or your choosing.

Call me NOW so we can get started.

* Does not include the cost of registering any domain names or purchase of any webhosting. Does not include programming of any kind other than HTML5 and the CSS that governs its behavior. Special programming can be purchased at addional cost. A single web page will occupy a maximum screen size of 1000 pixels wide and 1000 pixels tall. Video and image editing is included in the cost of the site, but only to the extent of content that will fit inside the maximum page size offered by Polaris Web Works (The previously stated 1000 x 1000 pixel size).

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